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One today is worth two tomorrows. - Franklin
一個今天值得二個明天。─ 富蘭克林

Spray some perfume on your life every day. - Pill
每天為生活灑一點香水。─ 皮爾

Ignorance is a great enemy of success, the severity of whose harm is far beyond our imagination. - Goethe
無知是成功的大礙,其嚴重性遠遠超乎我們想像。─ 歌德

You will be awarded in proportion to what you have contributed-no more, no less.
你將會直接依照你所付出的比例獲得獎賞─ 一分也不多,一分也不少。

The value of life is measured by what one contributes to the society.

Wealth can be considered as wealth only when it contributes to the happiness of people. - Tupper
財富只有當它為人的幸福服務時,它才算作財富。─ 塔伯

Thosewho are determined to succeed have achieved half of success.

All of the present is pregnant with the future, and all of the future is derived from the past. Hope is the motive force of making an advance, so please add it to your shoulder as wings.

It is the most pleasant thing in the world to struggle for a noble ideal.-- Socrates
世界上最愉快的事,就是為理想而奮鬥。─ 蘇格拉底

If one is well-educated, e will scintillate with it.- Su Shi
腹有詩書氣自華。─ 蘇軾

The years teach much which the days never know.- Emerson
學問積年而成,而每日不自知。─ 愛默生

Science must not be a selfish pleasure. Those who have the good fortune to be able to devote themselves to scientific pursuits must be first to place their knowledge at the service of humanity.- Karl Marx
科學絕不是一種自私自利的享樂。有幸能夠致力於科學研究的人,首先應該拿自己的學識為人類服務。─ 馬克思

A person who easily completes what others cannot do is of ability; a person who completes what capable persons cannot manage is of talent.

A living person definitely hopes to live on. The only way to live by making use of his ability and all he owns.

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Successful people have one thing in common: they will definitely not be afraid of setbacks and they never stop without accomplishment.

自己打的 可能會有錯誤 歡迎指正

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A rose is a rose; a lotus is a lotus. Just have a look and do not make comparisons. Everyone has his beauty and everyone has his value.

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Choose the optimal route, no matter how rugged it is.- Protagoras
選擇最佳路線,不管它多麼崎嶇。─ 畢達哥拉斯

No successful man can do without potential power,- Anthony Robin
任何一個成功者都離不開潛能。─ 安東尼?羅賓

One should not be arrogant and haughty but he should have a self-respecting and unyielding character.

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Belief can create miracles.- Mark Twain
信仰可創造奇蹟。─ 馬克吐溫

The person who loves truth can easily see truth; the person who seeks truth can
easily find truth.

Injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere.- Martin Luther King, Jr
無論何處的不公正,對於任河地方的公正都是一種威脅。─ 馬丁路德?金

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Any clever fool can make things bigger, more complex and violent, while a hug of
talent and much courage are needed to develop them in the opposite direction.

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If living is more intolerable than death, then people who dare to live show true courage.

A brave man may fall, but he cannot yield.

Genius is only a great aptitude for patience.-Marx

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Leniency stems from understanding.- Atling Zhang

Patience is the basis of all intellect and wisdom.- Plato

Only the character of people survices tests the most.- Whitman
唯有人的品格最經得住考驗。─ 惠特曼

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Trees, when they are lopped and cut, grow up again in a short time, but men, being
once lost, cannot easily be recovered.- Plutarch

先這樣了有空再補充 手有點痠

可以學單字 又可以豐富自己的思想 一舉兩得

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Trees, when they are lopped and cut, grow up again in a short time, but men, being
once lost, cannot easily be recovered.- Plutarch
樹木經過修剪或割枝之後,可以在短期內重新成長,但是一個人的品德如果敗壞,則不易得到修復。─ 普魯塔克
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