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Symbolic of both fashion and modernism, cell phone has aggressively dissolved into our life. This phenomenon, to such a great extent, has also profoundly influenced the way we live, regardless of its contributions or negative repercussions. With the rise of its intertwined relationship with us comes my strong willingness to look more closely at this peculiar, controversial and disputable apparatus. It is hoped that all that is to be subsequently addressed can be of great inspiration to you in terms of how you ought to perceive cell phone in your daily life.


As a result of its highly efficient result of communication, cell phone has been widely adopted among people. This phenomenon clearly showcases the increasing demand of efficiency in people’s life. That means, for the increasingly competitive global business environment, knowing how to more effectively employ cell phone is going to determine people’s competitive advantage. That is to say, gathering more information through the use of cell phone can help embody our competitive advantage. For this reason, those working today are absolutely concerned about how to let cell phone make them better armed so as to prevail over their rivals in the job market. And this is why the evolution of cell phone, along with the launch of newly developed cell phone, has always become a focal point among youngsters today. 


The more cell phones are used, the more disruption of human relationship, and the less closeness between each other. Overly seeking any information derived from cell phone, people tend to become mindless of the existence of others, including those beloved parents, spouses or dearest friends. Their abusive behavior for cell phone is founded on their strong excuse that the information can be of great importance to them. But unfortunately, they overlook the damage of their relationship which is gradually encroaching and lets humans move backwards unconsciously. It does not necessarily mean that this situation was not noticed or perceived by those involved in abusing their cell phones, but instead it clearly signals their indifference to those who are important and interacting with them. The understated status of others has done a tremendous damage to human relationship; however, it is an irony that people pay little attention to the emergence of human’s potential crisis, namely, the total collapse of human relationship. For this reason, I’d like to proclaim that never should you turn out to be someone like what has been depicted above. 


Another horrifying finding stemming from my observation is that cell phone can be indicative of human’s selfishness. This self-centered perceptive notion is to continue to erode human mind for certain. Whenever our personal pursuit prevails over things relevant to others, our selfishness begins to surface or even keep us engulfed in the abyss of selfishness. This sort of personal greed can be enormously detrimental to our society inundated with selfishness that provides an impeccable fermenting ground and incubating shelter for all the sins closely attached to humans. Based on this benchmark, we may start to assess how selfish a person actually is by the assessment of how often he uses cell phone accordingly. 


Featuring our unrivaled wisdom among all the species throughout this great planet, humans have inadvertently fallen into the crisis as a result of unpreparedness in dealing with the emergence of cell phone. Our blind pursuit of information has in effect torn us apart to such a great extent that it is high time that we came up with an appropriate solution, or we are no longer entitled to be portrayed as humans on account of the deterioration of human relationship. That means, something must be done before it is too late; namely, the total addiction of cell phone of humans may demolish human relationship in the long run provided there is no action taken. 





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