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    201005230039its been a month...

    its been one month since esther left me

    it was a very difficult month for me

    the pain in my heart and all the work from honours

    i tried my best to do well in honours

    i tried my best to walk out of the pain, meet new people, do something different, keep myself busy

    i tried not to think about her, tried to push my feelings aside

    its not easy, and some days i still find myself tearing at night before i sleep

    sometimes i think of her and wonder how is she doing... and sometimes i think to myself, does she miss me?

    it was a difficult month, and i m thankful for all the friends who have supported me, even small talk asking how is my day really helped me to get up and keep walking

    i would not be here if you guys are not there for me


    it still hurts, especially when at night, the sense of loss and loneliness still overwhelms me sometimes

    but i m doing better

    i hope i can emerge from this as a stronger, a more mature person and know how to love


    the tunnel is still long and dark but i m crawling and walking out of it

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