201401061611The dream

Awake or asleep, I can at least guarantee when the knock these words of lucidity.

This quickly 2013 passed, too much has happened, do not know where to start, life is like WuWeiPing, sour, sweet, bitter, hot the passions, as are many. But I live for the future study are also more hopes and expectations. Just want to say embroidery logo: I'll try not to make mistakes. In fact, I still don't blame the children, to make mistakes in the growth.

Back in 2013, too much to say. Because of the strong, can thoroughly to remould oneself. It is because of the failure, just know to be not easily won for success. The so-called failure, the most terrible failure is to give up. Only a short while ago, passion of the painted dream we are all the same, do not go back and think how to achieve it. Now go to the childhood in cattle, even if only 1/10, or even one percent, and there is no reason why declared shattered dream.

This year, maybe life is doomed to have too many different. Be consistent from beginning to end is my heart. This 2014, the next year, 2015, will face the parting. To bid farewell to "a group of people to see the handwriting will know who work", also to bid farewell to "a group of people a smell will know who."...... I understand the most rare treasure.

This year, I learned how to recognize a friend. Speaking of which cloud, I remember the winter of 2010, I was a few scumbag gas crying, ran back to the classroom to bring your book thrown everywhere, remember you are joking say: "out with my great boldness of vision, who can make you cry ah, ha ha......" Originally just silent tears, mixed with you found it did not face become shame, lying on the table crying, the memory of your smile, "wipe away tears, now your religion." Then a gentle tone, but the firm. Has you to accompany me to walk, junior high school three years, very fast, very happy. But the high school, I began to understand that people not only "screaming screaming nearby" this live mode, can also "laughs laughs is far away". I began to understand that not everyone is worth Taoxin Tao lung to trust. This may be your most is not willing to let me know. I want to do a simple child. All form cliques, intrigue, I choose to ignore, I can only choose not to blend. For me the world is beautiful.

This year, I have no ordinary. Choose to dream of throw the helve after the hatchet. Because they do not know how long can be hard, so every day to work hard are worth treasuring. Have no fear, fear nothing. Even if it is to the execution ground, as long as I did examine oneself, feeling no shame, no regrets.

2014. Not so much desire. I can only hope that better. Often the most simple desire is the most difficult to achieve CCIBA, can be good

Too little. My wish is: I hope everyone can feel better.


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