201305020015Let us cease being you and me ~ poetry by Pedro Salinas



Consider this: let us cease
being you and me.
Leave your sleeping body,
leave my body at your side,
abandon them.
Leave your name and mine,
abandon this painful distance between us,
and let us take a break
from ourselves, with ourselves;
let us pretend that we were
still together, but in different forms.
Now without bodies and without names,
let us try new shapes,
beings, to see if we can live better
in something else.
Let us try being trees;
two trees that, despite having
trunks far apart from one another,
will search for one another from above,
will find one another with their leaves,
will embrace one another with their flowers.
Let us try being waves
that run one after the other,
separate and playful,
until finally in the warm sand
they cease being two.
And let us go even further than physical matter.
We can be two silences, so close together
that no one can tell that the
silence around them
is double, because two voices,
quieting themselves, form a
silence so they can better understand one another.
And if you want even more, we can try
to be light, you one ray, me another ray,
you one half, me the other half,
that in order for light to form,
it needs both of us
and it contains both of us.
And we can still
escape further!
Pretend that we don't exist,
live in a prenatal world
where being together is
to be immensely lost,
one in the other, indivisible,
like the sea and the sky, before
God separated them.

And later you will see how wonderful it will be
to return to ourselves,
to find myself with you,
with me, despite the pain,
with your voice and with my name,
You'll see, you'll see, what a miracle
it is to see each other, to touch each other,
you'll see what a revelation
it is to see ourselves, to really see ourselves again,
in these sad faces
that reveal how our souls had lived apart.
Having pretended that our love
never existed,
how genuine will it now always be for us!
What a bond
will be born, so happy,
so secure, of this goodbye.


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