201401211153Your long hair, who rolled up

Chaoyang Ying window Xuan, Ya Shika.

The love in such a scenario, encounter an ancient beauty, let her hair three thousand, flying at random. The stop hair brushed my palm, left is necessarily a gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind's daughter Shannon, nu skin good feeling in the heart in the wandering, rated just the magnificent figure or pearl studded step shake.

The cold window, not a few graceful figure, pedestrians walking hurriedly, also did not see a few red. Morninghope, gentle fingers brushed my hair in the mirror, began to take care of, and a hint, soft and smooth. Always in favour of a soft silky hair, over the years has not cut off, also is I bloom of youth is the most beautiful scenery.

Think of the novel "ten in my daughter dream" in the phrase: "to my long hair and waist, boy you marry me? To be your hair's positive, shop ten. My wish?"

I have long hair and waist, didn't you see? Maybe just a "love", let me? Run out of time, make a life long hair does not cut.

When friends call me, touch on lightly in front of the mirror, combing hair. She said: "call a spade a spade or what love smug! I remember when I was in high school, you that elegant long hair a few took the boy's line of sight! Ha-ha.

Remember, at that time in order to pass the college entrance examination this single plank bridge g-suite cardinal, many girls who cut my long hair, but I remain. After the black July, I had a sudden impulse, cut hair. The boy embarrassed to tell me, don't cut off, it will lose its luster, I have been concerned about it. I was shocked! Originally, the class secretly roll my hair, not but appreciate. Like the appreciation of a picture scroll, occasionally touching, sentimental soul originated infection.

Maybe, I should thank the volume I of the long haired boy, his words left me with a waist length hair. Several years later, I simply had not really short pruning. It seems that hair underneath, with graceful tenderness of the woman I thought, to be a person to read it in the years to come.

The winter street abnormal lively, especially some new wedding photo studio, the door is always filled with colored car. Don't ask, who is also a women's wedding gift? Her hair go out with, high hair rolled up, delicate and touching. Designers hand is really smart, any hair after he Shinong, full of temptation. Like this, which newly married man not tempted? The peach trees are in full blossom, blossom a field, a grand joyful wedding. The happiness of life from today? I would rather believe.

Each woman, life will encounter a as you pull long hair, your hair is destined for him and elegant, until become white hair. To black hair turns grey still love like the original, this is how the envy?

A lonely small mountain village, a white haired old woman, the first thing she get up every morning, is standing in front of her house, to the rugged mountain path looked down, g-suite cardinal manchester waiting for the...... The only village where people know, she is waiting for the return of her husband, is a more than 70 years. Married just three days, the husband joined the Reds go. This walk, and he never came back. Before leaving, he went there to dozens of mountain, hill county bought one for his wife, also spent all their savings.


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