201612181740One China including Taiwan is the Chinese and Taiwanese 5000 years her history in Asia.Period.

Date: December 18,Sunday,2016.

Paipin Chen.

Pai-Pin Chen,P.E.

Philip Pai-Pin Chen,P.E.

Merry Christmas coming soon

Good days and peace local and worldwide.

Thank you very much.

Date: December 18, Sunday, 2016

Philip Pai-Pin Chen, P.E.


Peace worldwide. Amen.

1976,First time i went to NASA Center,Houston,Texas,USA and visited NASA Museum with my Close friend,

Mr.Tai,KuoHua sister,Ms. Tai ChiuRong and her husband who worked in NASA located in The Communities

near Mexico Bay Ocean, Texas South, USA.

Highly appreciated.

I am: Paipin Chen


Philip Pai-Pin Chen,P.E.

Nyseasia NY

December 18, Sunday, 2016.

Peace Priority Worldwide including China, Republic of China (Taiwan), Asia, USA and worldwide.

Ps: Taiwanese do not need to buy arms and weapons spent billions US dollars

from This New Leader of White House in Washington,D.C,United States of America,

and might be from his Close friends or companies who are making weapons, Arms, War ships, guns, War aircraft etc,

especially From Republic Party, USA.

Taiwanese do not want to against Chinese with the "Fool and foolish and may be the only money making people in USA special "Gun People " at this time and moment.

Chinese and Taiwanese must love and treat each other in the peace and happiness forever situation

since year 1992 up to today and coming many many years.

Thank you so much.

I am Pai pin Chen.

December 18, Sunday, 2016.


Merry Christmas coming soon.

Peace. Period.


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Philip Pai-Pin Chen


Thank you so much!


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