200805292317Reflection of the Storytelling--Come Along, Daisy.

We told  Come Along, Daisy  in the 4th Grade  5/22, 5/29

After the last two experiences of story telling in National Nanzih Primary School, we became more familiar with the surroundings. We were so confident of facing all the little kids that the process went more smoothly than before.


At the beginning, we divided them into four groups by drawing lots; therefore, we kept the order in the classroom. This time, we introduced several animals and the sounds they make. It seemed that the children were so interesting in this subject. Because we made lots of colorful animals' pictures for them to match with the flash cards. Besides, the sounds these animals make in English were so special. Thus, they could easily remember them. The atmosphere was wonderful owing to our interaction and eye contact. When telling the story, we would ask them sound out the onomatopoeia with us. And they all enjoyed this kind of interaction. Sometimes, we would ask them some questions to attract their attention. Surprisingly, they were all enchanted with the plot and answered our questions intensely.


In fact, there were still some mistakes we should avoid. For example, for the first time, we greeted the girls in English and asked them to greet us. But when we said "Go", they still kept silent. Maybe we said too fast so that they couldn't understand what we talked about. For the second time, we slowed down. Happily, they responded to us at once. Moreover, we didn't notice that the song was too difficult for them. So, we spent a lot of time teaching them the song. However, some students were too shy to sing it loudly. Thus, we changed this activity into another exciting game for the next time. Fortunately, the boys were outgoing and they enjoyed playing the game. Last but not least, it was difficult to notice all the children. Sometimes, we ignored some of the children who raised their hands for a long time. Instead, we kept calling particular ones. I know it would make them disappointed.


It's a pity that we used our cameras to record our performance. Because one camera just can record about ten minutes. Changing cameras every ten minutes make our recording unconnected. And we could not even take pictures when we were teaching. Anyway, the T.A. told us we improved a lot. I was so delighted to hear that. I consider it was worthy to spend so much time to have this kind of activity.