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(the guang-yuan mar) of southern metropolis daily agent four trillion economic stimulus measures of the state council was announced, though only a framework, or even a rough sex spending plans. Has been hungry, but local governments, enterprises have taken into Beijing, in order to strive for more in the future of the country four trillion large cheque signing authority. According to the report, the two days, in front of the national development and reform commission in charge of the investment of power is more crowded, traffic obvious crowded a lot than before. Actually, people is no stranger to such scenery, run the money into the inevitable logic, as Replica Designer Belts's economic and political ecology of these problems is the from all walks of life have been criticized, but in Replica Designer Belts's investment and financing and the examination and approval system thoroughly before the transition, I'm afraid not. But this crowded targeted country for 4 trillion public spending to shore up the economy, www.ibrandbelts.com the vital economic revitalization of the big picture, let a person no doubt to the Replica Hermes Belt characteristic, lobby activities caused many worries. Four trillion investment plan to the government and as a center to drive Replica Designer Belts's economic growth, hope it is very very period, is not a consensus on reform of Replica Designer Belts's 30 years. But once the government become the investment center, www.endesignerbelts.com surrounding the rent-seeking activities of government come unexpectedly, which more or less will make public policy from the original target, economic stimulus plan can't become a growth opportunity, not only become groups benefiting tools instead, in the absence of regulation, even causing disaster, this YanJian quite a lot of history in Replica Designer Belts. Local governments nogossipzone.com and businesses in the four trillion economic stimulus plan specific operating rules before having not enacted, the horse into Beijing, the intention is very obvious, is in the central economic work conference on specific before spending decisions, affect the central decision-making. 'huge public spending for four trillion, the standing in the corner thinking lobbying behavior once successful, will obviously weaken, the revitalization of the economy's ability to disrupt global deployment. The four trillion economic stimulus plan in the process of haste and lack of public process and provides administrative space for such behavior. We see, held at the state department is mainly responsible for comrades from all provinces and municipalities after the meeting, replica designer belts and the central economic work conference of the National People's Congress has yet to meetings and decisions regarding the above scheme, the national development and reform commission then in the fourth quarter of 100 billion new government funds, this huge investment control is hard to avoid is not become the focus of local governments and enterprises plunder, in a relatively short period of time to arrange such a huge public spending at the same time, did not provide a system guarantee for capital safety, risk decision is self-evident. State council executive meeting to four trillion economic stimulus package aimed at the people's livelihood projects, infrastructure, ecological environment construction and post-disaster reconstruction.


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