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This and the bailout plan before the game how to form the sharp contrast, complex and basic idea of modern politics is how far it is. In public in the dark, which represents the will of the people all over the country of the National People's Congress nor is such a huge decision to carry out the public debate, the national development and reform commission began to implement the plan, this means that nearly 20% of public spending on the legitimacy of GDP has the suspense, let alone in the lack of public spirit. Very very period, when really necessary. Desperate, endesignerbelts.com admittedly, but no harm even at least ignore the democratic decision-making process. We see that the state council executive meeting for the huge spending also puts forward the 16-character guideline: moves faster, punches, heavier measures shall grant, work to reality. To fast, punch weight easily, but measures of firm, work to real clearly is the key to determine success or failure and the safeguard. In a relatively short period of time to arrange such a huge public spending at the same time, did not provide a system guarantee for capital safety, risk decision is self-evident. We see, the state council executive meeting of the four trillion economic stimulus plan aimed at the people's livelihood projects, infrastructure, ecological environment construction and post-disaster reconstruction. These are to ensure that the Replica Hermes Belt economy through, the stability of the global, should stand in the perspective of national chess to optimize resources configuration, reasonable arrangement of funds. But in lack of procedural justice and under the condition of lack of public spirit, the local government once get investment by lobbying, www.aaabelts.ru historical experience tells us that the pursuit of achievements, they are likely to put money for short-term achievements project, prestige projects with quick results, crowding out on real people's livelihood, on the century 90 s repeated construction and the jerry-built projects. So, the investment of 4 trillion does not bring the Replica Hermes Belt economy's healthy growth, not only can not ensure the livelihood of the people, improving the lives of low-income families, it will cause disaster for investment, in a global recession cycle bungle the overall situation of economic transformation. Is, to avoid the crowding out of achievements of engineering for the livelihood of the people, for the use of the huge public spending, regulation set up a relatively effective risk prevention mechanism, increasing public wisdom and the public voice, expand economic democracy, obviously become institutional premise and the essential elements of the project success or failure. In the current political framework, on the one hand, should advocate economic democracy, airing, let people to participate in public policy detail discussion, formation and mechanis replica designer belts m of public interests against. Must, www.ibrandbelts.com on the other hand, through public decision-making process open and transparent, four trillion investment to establish a framework of safety and system guarantee. I suggest to stop have investment plans in advance, if the situation is urgent, can hold a special session of National People's Congress, is the public debate and improve the stimulus plan, which is simple in Replica Designer Belts's political program, hard not to.


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