201602220931Replica Hermes Belt stock market

Stock market confidence is the real root of strict and effective supervision, and the essence of the securities regulation is to safeguard the interests of investors, strengthen the confidence of the market development, this is the best mechanism to solve information asymmetry. Rampant in the Replica Hermes Belt stock market, insider trading, market manipulation of harm, is shocking, and the illegal cost is low, also. Regulators on the one hand, www.shopbeltsoutlet.com there is no data suggests that efforts to crack down on illegal, on the other hand, in the aspect of system construction without an open heart, no use of all the legitimate resources of the mainstream system, for the investors' rights protection activities for the convenience of all system, for example, investors can't through the way of fast through train, using legal means for civil compensation. The supreme people's court for insider trading, such as false statement cases accepted set unreasonable prepositional procedure, and avoid the group litigation this on the application of the offender has the great power of the judicial process, therefore, http://www.endesignerbelts.com/ justice in securities regulation system did not play its proper soothe emotions and the function of the right to compensation. (according to lingnan big speech modification of the pulpit, and published in SMW review weekly) for America's global financial crisis and action: on October 8th, rate cuts the major economies, including Replica Designer Belts, unprecedented; On October 16, the European Union's 27 member states summit in Brussels to discuss the financial crisis, and puts forward the rightness of the global financial system regulation and construct a new financial order; On October 18, President bush at camp David in Maryland to meet with French President nicolas sarkozy and European commission President jose Manuel barroso announced that the United States is the international financial crisis on November hosted an international summit. As the crisis deepens, the from all walks of life from surface to deepen understanding of the cause of the crisis, www.nogossipzone.com from financial regulation to the system transition. This is a very correct reflection direction, if the reason comes down to a simple only excessive regulation and financial innovation, is difficult to explain such a global crisis. As IMF managing director dominique strauss-kahn said said: the financial crisis has exposed the developed economies of the financial system a series of defects, also prove that the current financial system can not adapt to the requirements of the global financial market, the legitimacy and effectiveness of the system in question. There is no doubt that the timing of the comprehensive reform of the international financial order early mat http://www.nogossipzone.com/ ure because of the crisis deepens. The current crisis shows that, with the dollar as the main body of the international financial order is just a fantasy, unreliable castles in the air, although looks very gorgeous, no foundation, a gust of wind can destroy her, through the way of increasing current account deficit, the issue of excess dollars, this model not only bring America into the abyss, is more likely to trigger a worldwide recession, is the road to serfdom.


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