201107221127A transparent case

An LED can be used as a photodiode used for light detection as well as emission. This capability has been demonstrated and used in a variety of applications including ambient light detection and bidirectional communications. This implementation of LEDs is important because functionality can be added to designs with only minor modifications, usually at little or no cost.

An LED is simply a diode that has been doped specifically for efficient light emission and has been packaged in a transparent case. Therefore,Tin Box if inserted into a circuit in the same way as a photodiode, which is essentially the same thing, the LED will perform the same function.

As a photodiode, it is sensitive to wavelengths equal to or shorter than the predominant wavelength it emits. For example, a green LED will be sensitive to blue light and to some green light, but not to yellow or red light. Additionally, the LED can be multiplexed in such a circuit,Office Furniture Desk such that it can be used for both light emission and sensing at different times.

Several applications for this technology have been suggested and/or implemented, ranging from use as simple ambient light sensors to full bidirectional communications using a single LED. Most of these applications benefit from this technology because of the cost reduction of using the same component for multiple functions.

because 3 professional deficient the LED technique content is high, and belongs to the emerging sunrise industry, at present, LED is facing the specialty, high-end talented person's deficient awkwardness, but this to a certain extent has also affected the LED exclusive agency construction. The traditional lamps and lanterns technique content is low, leads buying to pass through training slightly,LED Lights Supplier may the product function, the characteristic, the application method and so on clear perspicuity transmit for the customer.

As a result of LED the product particularity, at present, many factory bosses, the clerk to the LED related technology, the product characteristic are at the condition which smatters, regardless to the business, led buying to carry on corresponding training. , The consumer are really at the same time few to the LED understanding, needs specialized to lead buys the personnel to illustrate the product the superiority and the characteristic;

On the other hand, the existing sales personnels actually with difficulty are competent this heavy responsibility, this increased the exclusive agency management difficulty without doubt. must open the LED exclusive agency, the factory and the business must pour into the specialized talented person for it, strengthens to LED specialized knowledge training,taylor made suits strengthens them to the profession new product development tendency attention and the insight, and through regular training, lets them have provides the illumination solution for the customer the ability. Specialized leads buys the talented person is enhances the exclusive agency sales volume the key aspect, if this soft strength cannot follow, then restricts the exclusive agency inevitably the development.


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