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iBET Online Casino Malaysia monthly deposit RM30 get RM50 free bonus toturial


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iBET Online Casino Malaysia provides you the best deposit promotion, this time it’s the monthly deposit bonus for you to get free RM50 just by RM30 deposit. All member are allowed to take it just to deposit RM30. Here iBET list up 6 simple steps to get this RM50 bonus quick, come and enjoy this bonus!!

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iBET Online Casino 5 steps to get monthly bonus – deposit RM30 get RM50 free


Log in as member of ” iBET Online Casino Malaysia “

▼Learn how to register iBET for Free!! 
iBET Casino Beta The Whole New Version Register Now!

Click the “deposit” button on the top of iBET home page (as the following pictuire)


After that you would be taken to the deposit page, choose your preferred bank and get the bank info (*sweet remind: you’re suggested to contact the live chat service for the latest bank account info before choosing the account) then you can start your internet bank and deposit!



Step 4:
After depositing, you need to fill the deposit sheet, choose the deposit way, deposit date and time, and remember to choose the “ deposit RM30 free RM50” promotion at the bottom, then click summit to complete!


iBET Online Casino Tips Reminds You >> 
a. deposit date (*attention: it should later than the day you summit)
b. deposit time (*attention: it should later than the time you summit)
c. fill in the deposit amount with 30 (*attention: no more or less than 30)

Step 5
After summiting, our iBET customer service would check your process and send the RM30 that you just deposit to your account.


▼ You can check the amount in the “Transaction” of “History” to see your deposit history!


▼ Confirming the deposit, then click the bonus points, you would see the record of deposit bonus RM50 which means the promotion was complete! Now you could show your luck in all the iBET game rooms!! *it needs 3-5 minutes for the bonus to your account.


*if there’s any problem in the deposit process, you’re free to contact iBET online customer service for any help!


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