Will Taiwan hold the 2016 Presidential Election?

Again, MYJ did an astonishing trick.  As chair of a major political party, he postponed KMT national assembly, which was set to be held on September 29, without setting a date, and no one has been told where the assembly might be held. 

Rumors said that MYJ received information from national security divisions that there would be four protests on this Sunday.  However, demonstrations might occur at any time, if the causes are not resolved.  Prolongation solves nothing.

For over a year, MYJ has been making critical decisions at night, i.e. the daytime of US Eastern Time zone.  People guess that MYJ must have received phone calls from his closest friend at the US before announcing HIS policies.  Some further speculate that MYJ might have psychological disorder and even be possessed by spirits as described in the movie “Poltergeist.

In fact, this prolongation is nothing new for MYJ.

MYJ, then Taipei City Mayor, postponded the election of Taipei Li-Chairman for seven months: from June 8th, 2002 to January 4th, 2003, despite the negative decision by the Administrative Court.

After MYJ took the Presidential office, the dispute was covered, not resolved, by the reformation of municipalism, which increased the numbers of municipalities from two to five in 2010.  The reformation re-writes the term and the elections of the Li-Chairs.

The 19th National Assembly of KMT is MYJ’s second capricious move of prolongation, not to mention the advanced date for 2012 Presidential Election.  He seems to make critical decisions at will, without regard for the Constitution.  Hence, we cannot but ask: Will 2016 Presidential Election be postponed or advanced?    Revised at 1630


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