201512071252You will be next bridesmaid if you wearing like this

Who said the maid of honor to wear the same, the maid of honor but the wedding's second leading lady, how can not dress up? Come and look at these foreign wedding bridesmaid dresses, there is always an impressive to you.

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You said you like fresh navy blue, the entire girlfriends all dressed up for you, the traditional white lace you look different, too. At first glance some let a person dazzling, but the overall effect the bang-bang charm, if you have a lot of the maid of honor, you might as well try.

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The color of quietly elegant, simple clipping, is very good-looking, heard that golden champagne is your good. Today is your wedding, for the good sisters looking for handsome best man. Just like the bold print and the colour of bright eye. High saturation of red, orange, yellow, simply beautiful to explode!

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So the bridesmaids, beautiful eyes are reluctant to move, mix the wind to the sniper, black color of skin is pure color for lining. The most traditional tonal charming enough, don't know if you found this to be a pair of les wedding. Heart is filled with girls.

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Silver grace to don't don't of, too much style. Rice white and apricot collocation also is very sweet, the bridesmaids must be to show a leg! I love long skirt, a good temperament. Really want to also want to such kind of tide bridesmaids, heart-shaped sunglasses too dia.


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