201412291444Will soon become a middle-aged loser

From the age of speaking. Already in three. As life is fleeting, when developed in the beginning of the.
This is only can think so -- at least so far, has not yet been found to have signs of improvement -- but I should think so.
Einstein said: "the matter is due to human illusion." And he said: "in the universe there are only field." So, I think, is the fate of such. The existence of fate, fate does not exist, fate does not exist but we can will call it destiny. Evolutionary thinking perspective, we still keep the "thinking stone * habits" to adapt to the modern life, everyone is now the ancients, at least fifty smiles 100. Anyway, we still modern Homo sapiens 1500 cubic centimeters of brain volume. Men and women still eating, burrowing, acquisition of hunting, as a biological deep-seated impetuses to decide the life of things.
Don't do that, two baby brother. Your normal point.
The time axis, the past decision now, now decide the future. I have no reason not to continue to look forward to.
Quietly cut off and the outside as far as possible contact. Originally thought, thinking.
I know: divorce, cause no (size also calculate, if life one can strive for the goal, is the natural cause), want to go out labor for two years, well, until now still waiting message, for a change, meet some new people, while waiting for -- like go out time and space barrier can obtain newborn as -- in short, look forward to.
Then, like all of a sudden fall into a pit in life. More than a year, came, fate has given me some new enlightenment.
If there is no setbacks and trough, I never truly find yourself, or did not find, but always looking for.
World without words. All things dog.
Arising and ceasing, the spiritual roots in the earth. Heaven and earth born, people have roots in the sky, three feet above the gods.
The essence of existence is suffering. "Nirvana Sutra" Twelve said: "the eight phase is bitter, the so-called old bitter, bitter bitter bitter, disease, death, suffering from the separation, hate bitter, ask not bitter, bitter five Yin sheng. "
The Bodhisattva to Prajnaparamita sight, everything is empty.
Poor empty in the end.
If, we are living in a parallel universe. Buddha said, three thousand universe of 1,000,000,000 universes.
I will see my nine hundred million.
Or laugh, or cry, or triumph, or frustrated, but it just so so, if you stood in my Ribo evening party, withered grass, see: Behind the mountain the sun, The Yellow River seawards flows., only the past, not the future, it is full of infinite melancholy, but standing in the morning: House of the East Sea to day, Jiangsu and Zhejiang tide. See that: not wild fire, the wind again. See this is the source of life, permanent there will be tomorrow, always have the endless future, this course will give you very angry, infinite vision.
Even if I like the Ganges RIver sand, just so so.


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