201412041202Wish you well

Love for a long time the blue, is pure color. Looking very reassuring.
The dream of their own sick, very serious kind. Remember when the original hair bobbed mercilessly swear, later unless chemotherapy need never cut so short. Now my hair is pretty long. The dream is very happy, looking at herself in the mirror, very little hair, want to turn them into all white. That is my obsession with hair color, the original has been to, I want to have full head silver hair, be courteous and accessible manner, sitting in a chair, eyes closed, would be the end of the life. Is a beautiful picture.
The dream heard the doctor said to live this year, unexpectedly silly smile, thinking of watching the snow this year is good. The first lateral window over there to look out of the window of Ginkgo biloba by wind blowing very happy appearance, also follow happy, do not look at the snow does not matter, just leave also is very happy. The doctor came in quietly said to the doctor, I can choose euthanasia? Can? Ask the time turned out to be quite exciting. Is finally can get rid of the feeling.
Now think of it, I don't understand myself. Why so eager to leave!
For death, never fear, always with the escape of excitement.
Like always feel to live to be 40 almost, what career to 40 has basically experienced failure and victory away. 40 years old, have been in love before, maybe get married, maybe have a kid, all these have already experienced, will not have any nostalgia. To what want to do is just wait until the old, end of a small stool, or sitting on the threshold, perhaps next to an old man, perhaps is a person, people come and go, the memories of this life, what happened one day one day, then close your eyes and no future...
How I still love to dream, make a world of a person, drill inside intoxicated. I want a person, like a book, want one thing, then a giggle.
See people thinking of the dream, wake up you must go to him? I'm afraid there is no courage. Dad said is too proud, too stupid.
This world has how keen on results, how silly of me. Think for a long time, even more keen on results, then ignore the pay, I do not eat dog. I just wish I no regrets, all the others have what matter?
Later someone told me that don't be death to 40 Dunru Buddhism, I think you can go to look at you. Although they are with the tone of the joke in chat, listen to the still very touched. Sometimes feel that is concerned about is the fetter, sometimes it is happy.
The dream told everyone he was ill, actually no one believes. Thinking about it is always fun, crazy for a long time.
Hangzhou is very hot, but the roadside afforest is very good, very beautiful flowers. The flowers bloom, but different locations, different mood. Always doubt yourself is a selective amnesia, seemed empty memory, many of the stories evolved into my own, do not have any association with other people, not the picture.


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