201405241248The far distance series

Sitting at the airport in Xianyang, suddenly left the campus, set aside the papers and writing, a little trance.
Send traffic and people far away, the heart is empty, I stood up and have a look.
The empty hall, people is bunch of ants, pulling a suitcase carrying bag contact angle, nodded, then hurrying. In the waiting room, a group of the embrace of floral and on the winding, a child holding a teddy dear mother's face, a pair of lovers whisper to one another bow, a pile of work women twitter. A pair of old people hand in hand, white stars of senile plaques in the illustrious, eyes closed, in the bustling environment wordless narrative time of pain and love, calm and persistent expression of familiar memories and the situation after the.
Far from where to go, the map from a long.
Look on the net, know Guangdong when spring deep, the flowers are open defeat, the grass has grown into. My hometown is early spring, willow only remote, ground of wheat seedling just turned green, peach blossom open, no more than apple, pear bloom, don't feel depressed.
To the Gansu border, with green trees, willow wheat up, smiling, rape piece, not Yan Mei not graceful, is not simple beauty, so overwhelming, with vigour and vitality to the liberties, yellow, yellow eyes, yellow color. Flowers in full bloom, is numerous, colourful, strong, fierce, bright color, is to become happy, spare no effort, no blank, don't have enlightenment being original, like at the moment my mood.
The car had Qinling Mountains, not see Yu Jing, apple trees trees in full makeup appearance, elegant quiet, bright beautiful, but also Dimei convergence, quiet, sparsely 朗得多 first. It is really great flowers, as if in the autumn.
Along the way, a few hours, spring Co., but after four seasons, only let a person plaint years intangible, widely from different.
Hainan about ten years ago, here, take a plane for the first time be visible before the eyes. The children take the elevator upstairs downstairs ran along the road, we run far away, across the iron fence watching planes on the tarmac. Neat and orderly bird, wings waiting for, a group of people from the abdomen has been swallowed, and from the abdomen has been spit it out. A bird moved slowly forward, head up, up, into the sky, all eyes, then clap laughs, exclaim unceasingly, flower skirt in the wind rolled.
Most be struck with fright memories here. Flew back from Zhangjiajie landed encounter rain, look down from the porthole, several gold near spasm by ink leakage, cloud below the root lines of rain, fog to cover up the ground. The plane swooped down and up, jerky badly, seems to be sitting on a tractor climb mountains mud. Airline stewardess smile, gentle and sweet, over and over again asked the security matters, people sitting quietly, in the warm lights on each bosom, pray, the waves of panic down down. Daughter on sleep soundly, saliva to flow out, and hold her close, the fear is really unspeakable. The third dive, seeing the lowest Xi'an city gradually lights, everyone as cheerful as a lark, rejoicing in the table, but I swear not to travel by plane, especially with children.
Now, in the north of the spring, longing for the far away, yearning for the rich, hope in the scenery, expect again looking for water, 仁乐 Chi le. Also knowing is to glance over things hurriedly, but I hope in the Napian variegated land, to see all the beautiful words and people and things.


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