201403241600Twilight, Beijing

As the edge of the city, we have more than the people of the city a more profound insight and genius angle. For example......
The city of twilight.

The people of East Yanjiao on a trip to Beijing is very simple and also very uncomfortable. The crowded 815, 930 arrived in Beijing city as long as half an hour, but often later!
Come to Beijing for half a year, without the initial joy and excitement. Youth is still not mature, not to bear ability and courage alone.
The sun often in half the city slowly slide down the waist. The sunset is very beautiful, but it is always can not use words to tell the desolate. Neon lamp distant commercial property in the evening light, a row of large characters: life is on vacation.
May is the power supply is tight, "in" word headlights dark. Shown in gray city of so dejected. So the title language becomes: life is a holiday.
A more unpredictable inexplicable. Can let a person suddenly want to far.
I came back from Beijing at the time when the sun, may is huadengchushang. In return the car, near the window, looking at the sun in the city of losing. The final dark clouds swept by, to this city with a hard coat.
Here are the best university, best film, best opportunities. The same black taxi driver, certain indifference, and known as the "sex" in Yanjiao, the sewage District of Beijing. There can be no sunshine without shadow.
We all live in the city edge people. This is the "Beijing love story" in the movie. Is a true portrayal of some people. They carry the hometown people hope home, with a variety of envy and out of the ordinary. To the natural superiority strong, the development of modern civilization to the limits of the city, as an inferior humble. Students resist all kinds of discrimination and neglect. Wind chill cold not in Beijing, but the city people.
In the twilight of Beijing will create a stable. That is the day does not exist.
High latitude area to see the sun and the moon are often large number.
Apoptosis of the leaves of white birch wood sheets stands, sharp branches seem determined to poke the last hole in the sky.
Gold plated in the ancient canal bridge. Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale waters receded, a large bare beach. The ancient bridge is a bridge, mottled paint color display with time passes.


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