201402201512Long underwear

Never what people would like long underwear so close, it will be in the pants outside our thickest will stop cold, timely give us just a good warm, while the left seems so random, do not take our little care.
To put more than half a year long long underwear, and put back to it. Every year, long underwear will accompany me over the fallen leaves in autumn and winter. Though spring Summergate fun, it will not appear in front of me, and I, will have to take it to forget clean out completely. I enjoy the spring and summer, never tell it.
I only tell it lonely and winter cold, and I need it at the time. So, at the moment, it accompanies me to go every where, I always warm. Until the shoots climbed up the branches, the spring on the green came to my side, I said I'm not cold. Then, back in its corner long underwear......
Long underwear, then in my life so circulation.
If I can't accompany you through all the seasons, I hope I can be like long underwear, with you the whole winter. Spring comes, will you be my quietly forgotten. You need only in the cold wind from time to time, remember there is such a long underwear, like me...
You, with your long underwear? You will when not cold, think of your long underwear?


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