201401151717Life time dream

Water it takes the story of time, change a person, be good at and at that first wait for youth.
Water it takes away the story, change two people, at the first cry of youth always melancholy and moody.
Water it takes away the story, change myself, there always melancholy and moody and the first vision of youth.
"Story time", poetry fleeting youth. This story is also the pieces of time, I can not forget the time dream.

The initial encounter the Qinghai Lake, the origin of pure land faith I * *. The young young my youth, naively to worship in my heart of the pure land, the land is not secular annihilation. However, because of the far distance, the opposition of her family, and grew up on my own. I gave up, after the entrance examination to * * dream, to Qinghai Lake.
I'm longing for the sea can ruin my sad past. I also look forward to, look forward to......
Once, there was a girl, because of a city disappointed sitting in the train to Qinghai Lake. When she saw the green and blue sea, as if time reversal, mind a blank, she saw her the sad little, into a lake, there is no trace of ripple. When the first sunshine sea plane hit her in the face, she was in tears. She decided to start again, the past is buried in this piece of the sea! I read the story, feel the desire to hear my call, Qinghai Lake.
When the college entrance examination, I often and Guo Guo said the tourism plan. Geographical forecast volume often appears in the Qinghai Lake, then, desire and expectation of my more strongly.
When I sit Qinghai Lake car, the heart is full of happiness. Pass by Dan Gar City, Chan cloth temple, sun moon hill, in the desire to atmosphere, step by step to the end. Dan in the city, I met the happy tree. I thought of the life or fate. I have the dream of standing in a covered with red cloth under the tree, the pious looked at. Is the dream of traction, or insist on their own. The wind will blow the long red cloth, in this ancient city, transfer the eternal happiness. In Chan cloth temple, I felt no Princess Wencheng and Song Xan Gan Bbu spread eternal love, I just want to quietly stood in Song Xan Gan Bbu before the gods wish. Namaste, I think again...... The sun belt gave me only the wind strength beauty. I stand on the highest point, looking at the open grassland, looking at the mountain sheep, watching the wind exhibition flags.
So, I step by step towards the dream in the heart. When the tour guide said, through the window, you can see the Qinghai Lake, I looked for a while, a green rolling hills saw. Afterwards just know, that is the blue Qinghai Lake. The horizon, the flood. I open my arms, hugging the breath of Qinghai Lake. I took off my shoes, feet into the bed, looking at the distant ship, feel the water. When my friends and I stand on a rock, strong wave hit them, our wet clothes. Full Qiexi heart. Perhaps this is also a way to express love of Qinghai Lake. How I long to live here, every day to make the spray of the sea I. I think I have already been conquered Qinghai Lake, capture. However, I am willing to surrender to the beauty of the Qinghai Lake. Here, all of my sadness has become the past, already deposited lake. I think I can down has been plagued by his past.
The past is the past, even if I do, it has gone with the wind. I will treasure every moment of the story, they all have the necessity of existence. The aftertaste again years later, that is, mellow wine.
Qinghai Lake, I think I will go, I will be very happy. No, at the moment, I was happy.


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