201401081549The smell of the sun

After lunch, just wash is good, and I love, time not early, fast break.
"No, I have to wash the clothes, outside the sun is so good, do not take things too bad, you also don't sleep, to the balcony to bask in the sun."
"You're in trouble again." Love to mutter discontentedly.
Yes, I it, has been for many years.vitamin c benefits

I do not know from what time to start, all the year round, as long as there is a sunny day, I always take what clothes, towels, quilts, what.
At noon, love returned home to find no towels, naturally know I got the balcony. He will pick up the side side complained to me, "not every day the sun, too much trouble."
"Isn't it better to bask in, have a taste of the sun." I ignored him, as in the past to my persistence.
Every evening when collect things, the mood is better, I will gently beat them, then put the nose smell, sometimes with cheek dear, they do not.headphone amp
Sometimes, drying the quilt and bed sheets, quilts and sheets changed or new (must be the first sun over), love will follow my example, hard to smell, and sigh a "really comfortable!" I will take the opportunity to drop his ten, "smell it, is the smell of the sun."
Sometimes after work, and his colleagues are walking home together, pass by the park, in the tree and the grass side, I can be intoxicated unconscious like supinely begin deep breathing.
Colleagues indissolubles, ask me, "what are you doing?"
"Smell the flavor of the sun god, you smell, smell good."The SEO theory
Colleagues inadvertently see my one eye, turned to walk on.
I know they are all laugh at me "".
But, I really like the taste!


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