201311061530True love regret

She is curious, the old woman gave her to act as matchmaker,
The local people always look down on foreigners,unless the man
A disease, or three level of disability, or else they will not watch foreigners, said to be outside the shame, no face, Yanzhen on summer
Want to have a look the person is what bear like, results are the first to see a man about 30 years old, the summer Yanzhen off to see him in and the old woman
Chat, old man said she came home from work, the man looked out, the second time to see 28 men, a little fat, wear

Very simple, character in general, the last to see is a face very fierce, very proud of the people, a face of doom, in summer Yanzhen wondered, (prose Network: www.sanwen.net)
He's very good ah, how to say the field, not afraid of being a joke, but Xia Yanzhen heart is to feel he is too fierce, terrible, in fact
Xia Yanzhen and his fate had decided, in 2005 when the first day of the lunar year, summer Yanzhen landlord said he parties son factory, named Xia Yanzhen and her sister to,
At that time, Xia Yanzhen and her sister to go outside, her figure was a woman's eye caught, she said to the woman, you see
She said to her, your son is your son will, your son not to others to say, fat that he says are needless to say, he was not in the
Depending on the size of the eye, because his eyes is not very large, then the woman on the side of the old woman that you said to him, the old woman
Said the stranger how to live, how not to be good, the old woman said, Xia Yanzhen is not good. Dismissed the idea, it is predestined,
Xia Yanzhen
And a year after he fate did not break, he was from Xia Yanzhen rented the boy next door there know Xia Yanzhen, they chat together,
The little boy talked to Xia Yanzhen, and he listen to in the heart, in my mind, his hand for matchmaking, hand to see summer Yanzhen side,
At the same time Xia Yanzhen was spirits, DBA Hong Kong but at that time Xia Yanzhen did not know, is God, is the common fate, he is Xia Yanzhen side of life
Margin, at this time was the Arctic light ice thick ice was Ling heart awaken sleeping; he sensed Xia Yanzhen met Qinglong nobles, induction
Xia Yanzhen was


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