201310301021A person's dream

Night, quiet down, didn't make a sound. I think, it is probably tired, lonely, tired, it needs the comfort,so the moon appeared, and I, only I know, I just I.
Alone, wrapped in quilts and curled up the dark corner, fuzzy at the ceiling on a road lighting, I knew it was time. Gradually, I get half awaken, only to find, I like this feeling, especially at night, the more intense.
Out of the window, moonlight hazy mist, through the mist can clearly see the distant partly hidden and partly visible peak angle, then a row of buildings come one after another, blocking the original lonely. Neon plays in the world, the heart is where to go hide. Therefore, a piece of silver out is full of neon of rotten tree, it is falling, the wind rolled up into the air, cyclotron. The moonlight more bright, it once again fall, silver flash, small water Dangqi a ripple in the.

Night, the silence of the melancholy, walking in the boundless end, if everything is doomed, and nothing in between, really, was relieved, a person for a long time, know more.
The only, forever. In a noisy crowd, looking at a strange faces, they look different, a look, a trembling, will deliver not the same color, then, the rainbow will appear. I don't know the details of what that means, but I want to, it can definitely real let people tell you have color. Although now in the crowd come and go, but still as a forward, the heart is still cold, but some touches. The wind such as lines, the moonlight like needle, sewing through the thin eyelids, blurred in the world, far away.
I found Translater Hong Kong, I woke up, clearly looking at everything, want to touch the hearts of the cold hands, but how also can't reach it, went to the window, touching the glass from the cold, yes, autumn. The sky clouds into a smile, a flash light, will come to nothing. Time really flies, so that when you see, everything became regret. Sometimes have nothing to do is a good thing, can enjoy the pleasure of waste. If the piano with music, it is really very happy, after all, you are alone in front of all the imagination. Time can make people change their ideas, but also to change the original proud. At this point, one thing can often depict different thoughts, it will affect you at the moment, but could not influence the forever, perhaps, you will recall, but everything with a blank. Fixed in the only way that moment is sleeping.
This world is so large, that is we are small, such as dust, on which, which is, in the face of the future, our dreams, memories of the past, we want, but who knows whether the future, past clear. Blue text 234537.com, happy words, sometimes really unpredictable, hypocritical face, but also how much resolution, tend to believe in the hypocritical naive, innocent tend to believe a lie, I thought I was such a person, let a person always unpredictable.
Autumn wind rises, moonlit night fell, the wind moon, night falls to the autumn. The night is black, the black deep, black bone, a man quietly from a distance, the most distant peak angle. No, let it go. Sitting alone in the cold on a desk, picked up and I are in the same boat pen, I write, and all my. Now of I, only in between the lines, to seek true oneself, also only in between the lines. When a person find sustenance, have love, then the equivalent of the captivity, as more than just physical trapping more happiness.


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