201607072335Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版)好書推薦

Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版)

前兩天在誠品書局看到這本 Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版),翻一翻目錄,覺得很心動!

這本書一定要推薦給你看 Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版),

但是我想Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版) 在博客來網路書店上買應該會比較便宜,

也可以順便參考其他 Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版) 的讀者心得分享,以及推薦 Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版) 文章佳句!

Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版) 這本書真的太讚了,你一定要買回來看!!(讚啦......)



如果湊滿690除了免運費還可以折抵博客來e-coupon $50元唷,

快把好書一起回家吧!! Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版)推薦好書必買


Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版) 是我在博客來網路書店買的,商品網址如下:

書本網址: Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版)


1.New learning tool:A hallmark of the Robbins series, S.A.L. is a unique learning tool that helps students better understand their interpersonal and behavioral skills as they relate to the theoretical concepts presented in each chapter.

2.Keep Your Class Current and Relevant:Many features of each chapter are new to the sixteenth edition,such as Opening Vignette, Ethical Dilemmas,etc.

New to this edition:

1.Global OB research is woven throughout each chapter and is now more easily found with this identifying logo: //global icon here//

2.The Summary and Implications for Managers sections are now separate features, each offering more focus on practical ways to app柏克萊網路書局ly the chapter’s material on the job.

3.Up-to-date videos show management topics in action. Access the complete management video library, as well as instructional materials for integrating clips from popular movies into your class, at www.mymanagementlab.com.

Organizational Behavior(GE)(第十六版)



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