201606280110our second family trip to Hawaii, 2016 (Part 2 of 3)

There is work out class every morning on the beach.  We are too old to join them!  

One of the instructors of the work out is a Japanese American, Shinobu-san, who moved to Hawaii from Japan at age 25, and now been in the US 15 years.  Looks so young and healthy!

Our grandkids like to show their teeth on photograph!!

They reserved the large master bedroom for their elderly!! 

On 6/13, we drove to Waikiki beach (2 cars).  There is a famous Udon restaurant.  It was delicious.  Unfortunately, my appetite had started to decline!

While we were waiting for Felix to get his rental car, we waited outside.  Ben's family went to shopping. I told ADJ the story of how Taiwan's 228 massacre in 1947 occurred, and a military commander Peng ordered the indiscriminate killing of Taiwanese intellectuals, 20-30k in total.  He was called the butcher of Taiwan.  Though as late as my college years, I was quite unaware of the meaning of the 228, mainly because people were afraid to talk about it.  KMT was still controlling Taiwan with guns. On one occasion, I was at Peng's house for dinner through a girl friend.  I remember the strange expression of my father when I told him when I was.

Honolulu city views.

Wailili beach has many huge banian trees.


Japanese onigiri with spam.  Not bad!

I and mom waited a couple of hours at a hotel Moanaloa while others went out shopping.

We sat by the pools, just watching people.


on 6/16, Felixdrove us to Sharks Cove.

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