201309291450Prop Replica Pokéman Pokéballs

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If your pulse races and your heartbeat speeds up when you hear the words ‘Gotta catch them all,’ you’ll need to satisfy your inner Pokéman master with the Prop Replica Pokéman Pokéballs.

While these stylish replicas don’t house fantastical creatures that will fight at your command, they will make fellow Pokéman fans look at you with envy. The handcrafted Pokéballs are made with a 3-inch steel-wrapped acrylic core, coated with high-quality clear-coat enamel, and feature a light-up ring-style switch.

The Pokéball replicas, which come in various styles that include the original Pokéball, an Ultra Ball, and a Premier Ball, come with either a polished ‘show’ finish or a scarred ‘battle’ finish.

You can catch the Prop Replica Pokéman Pokéballs for $99-$149 at SlouchWorx.