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The Tai-Ex opened up 25-points this morning from yesterday's close, at 10,745
on turnover of 2-billion N-T.

The market ended almost flat Wednesday on expanded turnover as investors
locked-in gains from recent sessions - during which the index has approached
the 10,800-point mark.


The U-S Sate Department has responded to Xi Jin-ping's remarks on the Taiwan
in his opening address at the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Sate Department spokeswoman Grace Choi says the White House continues to
encourage constructive dialogue between the two sides to resolve the
differences in a peaceful manner.

According to Choi, the U-S China policy remains based on the "Three
Communiques" and "Taiwan Relations Act" - and peace and stability on both
sides are in the long-term interests of the United States.

The spokeswoman went on to say that United States encourages Beijing and
Taipei to carry out constructive dialogue on the basis of dignity and respect
and find ways to resolve differences with patience, flexibility and


The Taipei District Prosecutors' Office has released two former K-M-T
officials after questioning them overnight in connection to allegations of
embezzlement in the sale of party-owned media companies.

Prosecutors say Chang Zhi-chen and Wang Hai-ching were released without bail
earlier this morning, but have been told they may be questioned again at a
later date.

Chang is a former K-M-T administration and management committee director
while Wang is a former general manager of the Central Investment Company.

Former K-M-T Central Policy Committee director Alex Tsai reportedly
implicated the other party officials and he has been detained since July on
allegations that he embezzled 370-million N-T from the sale of the Central
Motion Picture Corporation.

Prosecutors say the three K-M-T-owned media companies were sold at well below
market value.


And ....

The National Taiwan University is ranked 25th in the QS Asian University
Rankings 2018 -- down four places from last year.

According to the listing, N-T-U ranked at the top among the 35 universities
from Taiwan that were ranked this year.

Out of the 400 universities in the Asian rankings, 11 Taiwanese universities
made it into the top 100.

UN Raqqa visit
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The United Nations says it is preparing to visit Raqqa after the so-called
Islamic State was ousted from the Syrian city.

Nick Harper reports from the UN in New York.


May Brexit open letter
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British Prime Minister Theresa May has denied treating European Union
citizens in Britain as bargaining chips in Brexit negotiations.

In an open letter to EU nationals published yesterday, May says Britain and
the EU are in ``touching distance'' on a citizens' rights deal and that EU
citizens already living legally in Britain will be able to stay.

Talks between EU and British negotiators have stalled over several issues,
including the future status of the 3 million EU citizens in Britain and the 1
million Britons in other EU countries.

May says registration will be accomplished through a ``streamlined digital
process'' that a panel of European nationals will help oversee.

She and other EU leaders meet today in Brussels.

Brazil food pellets
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Some public schools in Brazil's biggest city will begin augmenting meals for
children with pellets made of reprocessed food items that were close to

Sao Paulo's Mayor said Wednesday he expects several schools to begin using so
called ``solidary food'' pellets by the end of the month.

Earlier this month, the mayor announced an agreement with a processing
company to make the pellets, as part of a hunger-fighting initiative.

Human rights groups have criticized the pellets, saying they are degrading.
Sao Paulo's nutrition council also criticized the move.

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Looking at the weather across Taiwan ...

We can expect ....

Cloudy skies and occasional rain in the north - w/ a high of 25 in Taipei.

Mostly cloudy skies in the east - w/ a high of 29 in Hualien.

And mostly clear skies in the center and south - w/ a high of 31 in the
Taichung and Gaoxiong areas.

Current Temperatures ....

Taipei -- 24

Taichung -- 27

Gaoxiong -- 31

Hualien -- 27

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